Taroballs Tangyuan 2017 FAQ

Ordering / Collection / Payment info

How to order Snowflake Taroballs Dough Pack?
You can place order directly from any Snowflake store or from our online page. Click here and the ordering form will guide you step by step.

Last order date:
Online order – 19th Dec’17
Store order – 15th Dec’17

Cash & Carry – Available from 16th Dec’ until 22nd Dec’17 in all Snowflake stores.

When and How to collect?
You can either self-collect at the same store where you place your order.

You can choose to collect on:
Any of the date starting 6th Dec’ to 22nd Dec’17 during store operating hours.
Upon collection at the store, please present your order confirmation email for verification purpose.

How to pay?
At the store:
- Cash term only

Online order:
- We only accept online payment, please make a payment using Online Banking (FPX).
- There will be no refund of payment once your order is confirmed.
- Extra amount paid are not refundable.

Product info

What’s Special about Snowflake Taroballs Pack?
Here are our promise to you:
1) No artificial colouring and preservative;

2) All beautiful dough colour are produced using raw natural ingredients with variety of nutrition (Yam -white, Sweet Potato -Orange, Beetroot-pink, Black Sesame – Grey, Matcha- Green, Okinawan Sweet Potato- Purple). You can have all 6 flavours in just a single pack.

3) Only launch once every year with limited stock due to it is handmade 2 days before the collection date.

4) You can DIY Tang Yuan at home with your family especially kids. Different pattern of Tang Yuan pattern can be created. Kids will surely love it! It more fun when you can cook with them together at home.

What’s in the Taroballs Classic Pack
Taroballs Classic Pack has 6 bricks of 100% natural Taroballs dough namely:

1) Okinawan Sweet Potato (Purple)

2) Banlong Taro (Yam – White)

3) Sweet Potato (Orange)

4) Roasted Sesame (Grey)

5) Japanese Matcha (Green Tea)

6) Beet Root (Pink)

What is the different between Classic pack and Treasure pack?
Taroballs Treasure Pack includes the additional ingredients to prepare the Snowflake Winter Treasure Dessert Soup (Tong Sui). Even the 1st timer can prepare it with the simple instructions.

The Snowflake winter treasure syrup cooked together with aged ginger, pandan leaf, red date, and longan produce the sweet tasty dessert soup with nice aroma. It goes best with your handmade fresh Taroballs.

At only RM39, you can prepare up to 10 people which is great value not to be missed.

Tang Yuan Taroballs Classic Pack
Tang Yuan Taroballs Treasure Pack

How to store?
Store the Taroballs pack in chiller (0-4°C) within 1 hour after collection until use.

Once open, roll into balls and cook to consume on the same day or freeze (-18°C) the uncooked rolled balls immediately.

Is it better to cook the soup and ball separate?
Yes, cook the balls in separate pot of boiling water and toss it into the dessert soup when is ready, because it’s better to enjoy with clear soup.

How long is the fresh period?
The fresh period is 6 days when you collected the packs from our store.

The expiry date is labelled on the packaging.

It can last for 1 month if you roll the dough into balls and put in the freezer.

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