About Us


Jimmy was born in Taichung County, located in the central region of Taiwan. In Taichung, there is a great emphasis within community and family towards pursuing a healthy lifestyle. For many generations Jimmy’s family has been growing organic crops for their own consumption on the fertile lands around their home.

Growing up, Jimmy tasted all sorts of delicious traditional Taiwanese desserts made by his granny and his mum using their very own homegrown organic vegetables and natural ingredients. During this time, Jimmy learned the secrets and techniques of cooking many wonderful desserts by helping out in the kitchen.

Shortly after moving to Malaysia, Jimmy found himself missing the sumptuous desserts of home… So he created SNOWFLAKE to introduce Malaysians to the wonderfully natural and authentic desserts of Taiwan. Staying true to Taiwanese traditions, SNOWFLAKE always guarantees the use of the finest and freshest ingredients to create unique desserts of the highest quality. All of our desserts are handmade and freshly cooked for hours daily to ensure that the natural flavour of each ingredient can be tasted in each and every spoonful.

Here at Snowflake, everyone gets to experience Taiwanese dessert secrets.