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  • Snowflake Ginger Treasure Soup

    Rainy season can mean a couple of things – wet weather, umbrellas, and many more.

    This year, Snowflake brings to the table a warm twist by introducing not one but two additions to the hot dessert family! Using 9-month old Bentong Ginger as our best essence, our new Ginger Treasure Soup is the perfect hot bowl of serving you need to keep you and your loved ones warm.

    Regardless if you are a Tohua lover or a Taroball lover, we have both options for you to choose from, satisfying your picky taste buds with a bursting tang.

    Wait no more! Head over to your nearest Snowflake outlet now for a good spicy taste of our Ginger Treasure Soup for only RM8.90!

    Limited Time Only.

    Snowflake Ginger Treasure Soup

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  • Return of the Farm Fresh Musang King

    You had it last year and we are bring it back to you again! In this season of durians.

    Experience the sensational explosion of taste in your mouth with the Musang Lava, where icy-cold durian sorbet is mixed with our all-time favourite red bean black rice hot soup.

    Not a fan of warm meal? How about the Musang Du’ree then? The ultimate Musang King experience would definitely give you a bursting natural of durian goodness that you would never forget!

    While stocks lasts!

    Snowflake Farm Fresh Musang King

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  • Indulge in Japanese Espresso at Snowflake!

    We are bringing you to experience the Authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony in the Snowflake way.

    Proudly present the latest mouth watering desserts, Uji’Ryo Supreme and the upgraded Ocha’Ryo Deluxe! A pleasant green tea aroma releases from bursting bubble of the freshly whisked matcha to be poured onto your dessert where we stone grinned the most premium and freshest green tea leaf sourced from Uji, Kyoto Japan.

    Are you drooling yet? What are you waiting for? Indulge yourself this irresistible dessert at any Snowflake store now!
    Uji'Ryo Supreme

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  • Facebook Exclusive Offer – FREE SORBET

    Ever since we launched our Facebook page back in 2010 till date, our number of followers have grown tremendously and we are very happy to have served you over the years. It is with the support from you that is driving us to keep on serving you better and as a token of appreciation for YOU, our loyal Facebook fans we are launching a FREE Sorbet add-on of your choice* for any purchase of RM 8 and above starting TODAY till 2nd September 2014..

    Just follow these steps and you can redeem the special offer:
    1. LIKE our post HERE:
    2. Show it to the cashier when you place your order

    More exciting offers coming soon from Snowflake, stay tuned!

    *Terms & Conditions Apply
    **Exclude Durian Sorbet

    Snowflake's MY Specials

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  • Farm Fresh Musang King

    Snowflake is introducing a brand new series of fruit desserts, featuring “Farm-fresh Musang King” starting TODAY!

    Presenting two new desserts – Musang Du’ree and Musang Lava, both topped with with rich Durian Puree, Durian Sorbet and Musang King Flesh which shouts a premium durian experience. Head to any Snowflake outlets to try these NEW desserts before it’s too late, for only RM17.90 and RM12.90 respectively for a limited time only!

    p.s. If you fancy an additional scoop of Durian Sorbet to go along with your desserts, it is now available for RM4.90/scoop.

    While stocks lasts!

    Snowflake Farm Fresh Musang King

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  • The Ultimate Mango Experience

    Snowflake would be introducing TWO new desserts with sweet Mango Sorbet in its Mango Series from the 15th of May 2014.

    Mango Deluxe and Mango Jade will feature ingredients such as Mango Puree, Mango Cube and Jade Jelly. Don’t wait, head on over to your nearest Snowflake outlet and try it out now for only RM15.90 and RM10.90 respectively!

    If you fancy an additional scoop of Mango Sorbet to go along with your desserts, it is now available for RM3.90/scoop.

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  • Black Bean Soya Ice

    Snowflake is proud to announce its new range of dessert – Black Bean Soya Ice.

    Starting from the 5th of April, two new desserts, Black Diamond and Black Silk will feature new ingredients; Black Bean Charcoal Ice, Okinawan Sweet Potato balls and Coconut Cream.

    Head over to your nearest Snowflake outlet and try it out now for only RM8.50 and RM8.90 respectively!

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  • Bestseller Double Black – Double Sorbet

    Bestseller Double Black now with Double Sorbet!

    School holidays are here! Come and enjoy a bowl of Snowflake’s ALL NEW Bestseller Double Black!

    If you think that is good, the Bestseller Double Black just got better, it now comes with 2x the Premium Grass Jelly Sorbet and at the same price of RM8.90!

    Try it TODAY at Snowflake!

    Terms & Conditions Applies

    • Only applicable for Bestseller Double Black purchased in normal price.
    • Valid for both Dine-In and Take-Away only.
    • Not valid with any other on-going offers, promotions and discounts.
    • Not valid for loyalty card stamp earning.
    • Valid whole stocks last.
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  • All New Bestseller Double Black

    Snowflake presents the upgraded version of Bestseller!

    The ALL NEW Bestseller Double Black comes with 2x portion of Grass Jelly and also our new creation – Premium Grass Jelly Sorbet.

    Snowflake uses selected 24 months aged Grass Jelly Leaf from various regions to create the extraordinary taste and aroma. To produce premium Grass Jelly, the leaves are then undergone up to 24 hours to provide the flavoursome texture.

    Try it TODAY at Snowflake!

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  • Snowflake Valentine’s Bliss

    Feel the LOVE with our sweet offers!

    Introducing Snowflake Valentine’s Special – Grass Jelly and Soya desserts topped with hand-crafted heart-shaped Taroballs® exclusively available from 14-16 February 2014 at all stores!

    Enjoy a special price of RM22.99 when you order both desserts! Mark the dates, Snowflakers! :)

    *While stocks last

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