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  • Taroballs Tangyuan 2019 FAQs

    Ordering / Collection / Payment info

    1. What is the weight for 1 dough pack?
    1 pack is 600g, consists of 6 different flavours weigh 100g each.  Weight of 1pc of tang yuan average is 6g .Total pieces can be made from 1 pack is 100pcs, for 10 person portion.

    2. How to order Snowflake Taroballs Dough Pack?
    You can place order directly from any Snowflake store or from our online page here. Click the Tang Yuan Order button and the ordering form will guide you step by step.
    All pre-orders are with 4 days order lead time prior to collection for store collection and 2 days lead time for delivery.

    3. What is the ordering and collection period?
    Ordering at stores:
    Outlet pre-order period: 22nd Nov – 15th Dec 2019
    Collection period: 6th Dec – 22nd Dec 2019
    Cash and Carry (C&C): 16th Dec – 22nd Dec 2019

    Online ordering:
    Online pre-order period: 22nd Nov – 19th Dec 2019
    Online collection period (at stores): 6th Dec – 22nd Dec 2019
    Online collection period (delivery): 6th-7th, 9th-14th, 16th-21st Dec 2019

    4. When and How to collect?
    i. Self collection at Snowflake’s stores
    Self-collect at the same store where you had placed your order or at the store you had selected in your online purchase. You can choose to collect starting 6th – 22nd Dec 19 during store operating hours.
    Upon collection at the store, please present the hard copy/in phone of your order confirmation email for verification purpose.

    ii. Delivery
    You can receive Snowflake Taroballs Pack at your door step by choosing the delivery service option with extra charges based on your area.
    Our delivery service is only available for KL and Selangor. You can choose the delivery date on Monday ~ Saturday from 6-7th Dec 19, 9-14th Dec 19 , 16-21st Dec 19.

    5. How to pay?
    Pre-order and cash & carry at the store – Cash term only

    Online order: – After placing the order, proceed with online banking. Payment notification email will be sent to you immediately.

    - There will be no refund of payment once your order is confirmed.

    6. What would be the lead time for ordering?
    Lead time is at least 4 days to process the order. There is no lead time starting from 16th Dec 2019 because all of our stores (Pavilion, Mid Valley, Kuchai Lama, Sunway Pyramid) start to have C&C.

    Product info

    Classic Pack & Treasure Pack

    1. What’s Special about Snowflake Taroballs Pack?
    Here are our promise to you:
    1) No artificial colouring and preservative;
    2) All beautiful dough colour are produced using raw natural ingredients with variety of nutrition (Yam -White, Sweet Potato -Orange, Beetroot -Pink, Black Sesame – Grey, Matcha -Green, Okinawan Sweet Potato -Purple). You can have all 6 flavours in just a single pack.
    3) Only launch once every year with limited stock due to it is handmade.
    4) You can DIY Tang Yuan at home with your family especially kids. Different pattern of Tang Yuan pattern can be created. Kids will surely love it! It more fun when you can cook with them together at home.

    2. What’s in the Taroballs Classic Pack?
    Taroballs Classic Pack has 6 bricks of 100% natural Taroballs dough namely:
    1) Okinawan Sweet Potato (Purple)
    2) Banlong Taro (Yam – white)
    3) Sweet Potato (Orange)
    4) Roasted Sesame (Grey)
    5) Japanese Matcha (Green)
    6) Beet Root (Pink)

    3. What is the differences between Classic pack and Treasure pack?
    1. Classic Pack
    This pack come with 1 pack of 6 flavours dough bricks only. At only RM39.90, you can prepare up to 10 people which is great value not to be missed.

    2. Treasure Pack
    This pack come with 1 pack of 6 flavours dough bricks and additional 1 pack of Snowflake Winter Treasure Dessert Soup (Tong Sui). Snowflake winter treasure syrup cooked together with aged ginger, pandan leaf, red date, and longan produce the sweet tasty dessert soup with nice aroma. It goes best with your handmade fresh Taroballs. At only RM43.90, you can prepare up to 10 people which is great value not to be missed. Even the 1st timer can prepare it with the simple instructions.
    Tang Yuan Taroballs Classic Pack  Tang Yuan Taroballs Treasure Pack

    4. How long is the shelf life?
    The shelf life is at least 6 days in chilled storage (0~4 °C) when you collected the packs from our store.
    The expiry date is labelled on the packaging.
    It can last for 1 month if you roll the dough into balls and keep in the freezer.

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  • SnowSkin MusangKing Durian Mooncake 2016 – Real Goodness! Real Taste!

    This year, Snowflake brings you the 100% pure Musang King Durian wrapped in your mooncake, an ideal gift to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with your family and friends.

    Place your order in any of our stores located at Pavilion KL, Kuchai Lama Entrepreneurs Park, Cheras LeisureMall, SS15 Subang Jaya, Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall today. Or you can Order-Online at



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  • Return of the Farm Fresh Musang King

    You had it last year and we are bring it back to you again! In this season of durians.

    Experience the sensational explosion of taste in your mouth with the Musang Lava, where icy-cold durian sorbet is mixed with our all-time favourite red bean black rice hot soup.

    Not a fan of warm meal? How about the Musang Du’ree then? The ultimate Musang King experience would definitely give you a bursting natural of durian goodness that you would never forget!

    While stocks lasts!

    Snowflake Farm Fresh Musang King

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  • Snowflake1st

    Good news! Good news!

    Starting from the 1st October 2014, we will be having the Snowflake1st deal on 1st of every month! Buy 1 dessert and get 50% off for your second choice.You can enjoy this awesome deal with just 3 simple steps:

    Step 1: LIKE the promotion post
    Step 2: Flash it to the cashier at any Snowflake outlet
    Step 3: Redeem your Snowflake1st Offer

    Easy isn’t it? Remember our date on every 1st of the month at Snowflake! :)

    *Drinks Excluded
    *2nd Dessert is of same or lower in price
    *Terms and Conditions Apply

    Snowflake1st Offer

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  • Facebook Exclusive Offer – FREE HAPPY DEAL

    We received a warm response from our last Facebook exclusive promotion and this time around we are bringing back our FREE Happy Deal*! The next time you spend RM 10 and above and you are eligible to redeem the deal. This week-long deal starts from 10 September to 16 September 2014. Interested?

    Here is how:
    1. Click ‘LIKE’ and show this post to the cashier at any Snowflake outlet:
    2. Place your order (RM10 and above)
    3. Choose your FREE Happy Deal (Grass Jelly Ice / Soya Ice)

    That’s it. It is just so easy and rewarding as a Snowflake Facebook fan. Come and join us at Facebook for more exclusive offers and news. See you next time!

    *Terms & Conditions Apply

    Snowflake's MY Specials - Free Happy Deal

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  • Facebook Exclusive Offer – FREE SORBET

    Ever since we launched our Facebook page back in 2010 till date, our number of followers have grown tremendously and we are very happy to have served you over the years. It is with the support from you that is driving us to keep on serving you better and as a token of appreciation for YOU, our loyal Facebook fans we are launching a FREE Sorbet add-on of your choice* for any purchase of RM 8 and above starting TODAY till 2nd September 2014..

    Just follow these steps and you can redeem the special offer:
    1. LIKE our post HERE:
    2. Show it to the cashier when you place your order

    More exciting offers coming soon from Snowflake, stay tuned!

    *Terms & Conditions Apply
    **Exclude Durian Sorbet

    Snowflake's MY Specials

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  • Snowflake’s FIRST Snowskin-Mooncake

    Presenting to you… Snowflake’s latest creation for this Mid-Autumn Festival – Snowskin-
    is now available for sale in all outlets till 8th September 2014.

    There are 2 types of Snow-skin mooncake for you to choose:

    1. Majestic Musang King – Rich and pure 100% Musang King durian flesh, enveloped within thin layered of silky smooth taro paste and chewy mochi-like ocha snow-skin

    2. Bun-Long Taro – Soft and pulpy taro bits enwrapped with velvety smooth and sweet fragrance paste from the finest selection of premium Bun-Long Taro with chewy mochi-like beet root snow-skin

    Also available in twin pack, comes in a simple yet elegant packaging which makes an ideal gift for your family and friends! Limited quantities available only, so hurry up and grab yours TODAY!

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

    Snowflake's FIRST Snowskin-Mooncake

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  • Farm Fresh Musang King

    Snowflake is introducing a brand new series of fruit desserts, featuring “Farm-fresh Musang King” starting TODAY!

    Presenting two new desserts - Musang Du’ree and Musang Lava, both topped with with rich Durian Puree, Durian Sorbet and Musang King Flesh which shouts a premium durian experience. Head to any Snowflake outlets to try these NEW desserts before it’s too late, for only RM17.90 and RM12.90 respectively for a limited time only!

    p.s. If you fancy an additional scoop of Durian Sorbet to go along with your desserts, it is now available for RM4.90/scoop.

    While stocks lasts!

    Snowflake Farm Fresh Musang King

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  • Do you want #SnowflakeForRaya?

    This Raya Snowflake brings you an exclusive deal for our Facebook fans!

    All you have to do for is to LIKE and COMMENT “I want #SnowflakeForRaya” on our #SnowflakeForRaya promotion on our Facebook Page to redeem a FREE Happy Deal (Soya Ice or Grass Jelly ice) with purchase of Mango Deluxe. LIKE and COMMENT here:

    Let’s head down to any Snowflake outlet to enjoy this special deal! Promotion ends 23rd July 2014.


    *Terms and Conditions Apply

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  • Earth Hour 2014

    Come and join us at Snowflake as we will be participating in Earth Hour 2014 on 29th March from 8.30-9.30pm. We will have the shop lights turned off to support and promote global climate change awareness. Shop operation will continue as usual.

    Spread the news around and join us at Earth Hour. Have your lights turned off at your homes too!


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