The Grass Jelly Story

Snowflake’s Herbal Blend Grass Jelly dessert is one of our most popular desserts for its authentic taste, bouncy texture and pleasing aroma.

Goodness From Above

We source our Grass Jelly leaves from the highlands of Central Java, where they’re grown on mountain slopes to capture flowing rainwater.

Labour of Love

The brewing process is truly a labour of love, requiring the longest prep time balancing stalk-leaves ratio, washing, and then boiling and cooking for over 5 hours!

You Can’t Rush Greatness

The final step in brewing is the most crucial in producing jellies with the right bounciness and aroma. This sums up our belief that “great things take time”.

10 Treasure, One Experience

Today, our Grass Jelly dessert is further enhanced with the infusion of “10 Treasures” herbs to offer a wonderful taste experience.