Sustainability has always been a part of our story from the very beginning, when Snowflake started as a seed of an idea among 3 friends.

Sowing the Seed of Dreams

A deep-rooted bond with nature that began in co-founder Jimmy Tsai’s earliest days living on a communal farm in Taiwan.

From Farm to Future

Our insistence on only the highest quality produce from sustainable farms led to the creation of our best sellers, such as the Chokanan Mango and Grass Jelly desserts.

Guided by Our Beliefs

A series of visits to the best tea farms in Taiwan helped distill our core purpose - to offer nature’s flavours in a sustainable way.

The Journey for the Best

Through Snowflakes efforts in sourcing the most sustainable products, Jimmy and the team chanced upon Mr. Hsieh, the Pioneer of Organic Farming in 2016.

The Spark for More

With the passion of bringging the best to customers, Jimmy and his team started researching and developing tea's since 2016 itself.

The Beginning of a New Era

The Snowflake you see today may sport a new image, but the people and belief remain the same - to live in harmony with nature, enjoying the treasures it endows.

The Same Snowflake You’ve Come to Love