The heart of Snowflake beats with our belief in Simple delights from all- Natural sources, emphasising single Origins, to create a Wholesome experience for you.

The SNOW Philosophy

We redefine simple by breathing in new life to authentic traditions and hand-crafted mastery, from teas to desserts.

Simple Recipes, Profound Taste

Every bite or sip of Snowflake’s offerings is a gift of Natural pureness that preserves nature’s colours and flavours.

Designed by Mother Nature

Ingredients of single Origins offer unparalleled purity of taste that you can trace back to the specific farm or even harvest.

Discover the Single Origins

Single Origin produce also guarantees we only source from reputable growers with sustainable and natural farming practises.

Our Recipe for Success

Our new logo reflects the Snowflake philosophy in essence: a Wholesome experience of pure quality ingredients, the delightful taste and the enjoyment in sharing with the ones you care for.

New Offerings, Same Snowflake